Migrating to The Voltage Control

Say hello to The Voltage Control. A quick post about why we've moved to a new domain and brand.

Migrating to The Voltage Control

You might notice a change of brand and domain name. I wrote the first post on this site at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in that post I announced what I thought was a great project name. It was. And it still is. The problem is that it sounded a lot like a company in the music technology space that is more than a little problematic. Not close enough to bear any direct confusion or potential infringement (this is after all a blog of passion rather than a serious venture). But similar enough to make anyone, including me, uncomfortable if not outright annoyed whenever thinking of the other entity. So this weekend I'm migrating the existing content, clearing out the old brand and naming, and moving ahead.

So why rename it as The Voltage Control?

It came to me as I sat back in my studio thinking of a new name. I was lazily staring at my ARP 2600 and its jaunty "Voltage Controlled Filter" screenprint on the casing. Voltage control? The term made me think not only of the literal mechanics of analog synthesizers, but the generations of humans commiting their attention and creativity towards bending electrons to their will. From noodling around the smallest Pocket Operator on the bus to playing on the largest dance music stages, we have at our control an incredible amount of possibility and creativity. All of which is the product of barely a few generations in terms of the distinct history of electronic music in the wider musical lineage.

So as a brand, The Voltage Control feels appropriate as:

  • an homage to the history of humans who have pioneered this science and industry and vibrant culture
  • a celebration of the power and mystery of the forces that make electrical and electronic equipment possible as tools for creativity
  • a reminder of the obligation to learn and develop a mastery and a control over these tools to achieve our creative visions

The migration isn't instant nor perfect, so there will be a few weeks of making time here and there to attend to bugs or missing posts, but it's better to ship early and often. If you see any issues please let me know.